Presently, we are cooperating and coordinating with different GOs, INGOs and NGOs in order to achieve our desired goal that is 'Better Nepal'. Our projects are mainly focused on the development of the living stander of Nepalese people as per visions and direction of our coordinating organizations.

A glance on 'Ongoing projects

Community Development project 

Action Nepal is working on "Muralibanjang Community Development Project" in coordination with Heifer International since January 1, 2010.  The project mainly aimed to develop the living stander of local women through self - participation in community developmental works. The project also provides Cornerstone Trainings, value based literacy programs, different visits to other projected sites, self dependent committee formation, animals husbandry trainings, kitchen garden management trainings and many more programs.

                                  Water and Sanitation Project                                             

Action Nepal is playing a very important role in the field of water and sanitation as it has been faciliting the communities of 35 VDCs of Dhading since the commencement of the organization, besides Dhading Action Nepal has been also faciliting different parts of Nuwakot and Jumla, in coordination with RWSSFDB through "Instillation of Rain water" and "Instillation of Gravity  Water".

                                              Trail - Bridge Project                                                

Since last six years Action Nepal is providing social and technical    support to construct and to maintain Trail Bridge across Dhading district in coordination with Trail Bridge Support Unit –Helvetas and District Development Committee Dhading under the financial assistance of World Bank.


                                        Water and Agriculture Project                                     

Under the financial assistance of Denmark Embassy Action Nepal has launched “ Water and Agriculture for livelihood of rural women” The goal of the project is to Promote the livelihood of rural women through the promotion of vegetable farming in the selected VDCs of Dhading district of  Nepal. Overall objective of the project is to empower women economically for socially balanced sustainable development though vegetable farming.